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caption contest

Let's have a caption contest ... Fill in what Paul and Ballsy are up to, and I'll pay a beer to the person with the most funny caption, on the kieftenklok and T2D freddyfiles2010: the early bay bonanza  !

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You said do it pink!!!!

No I said 2 in the pink!!!!

Gepost door: Dong Meekon | 27-02-10

L: You didn't say it was pink.

R: No, but I got it for a fair price, didn't I?

Gepost door: PVC | 01-03-10

pink ? Matt: what do you think of the pink ?
P: i would have done it in brown stink !

Gepost door: fernando | 03-03-10

Matt: Puppy, what's up you look so sad?
Puppy: Well Matt I was thinking, I hope to see that granny again that I kissed last year ...

Gepost door: partyanimal | 05-03-10

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